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"I’m fucking awesome."

Running a business is very simple.

“Companies don’t die because their business model is flawed. No, they die when they stop wanting to improve, or stop being aware of the needs of their customers. Running a business is actually very simple.” Brunello Cucinelli, the king of cashmere on his company, business ethics and what makes it all tick. This is from […]

“ We talk a lot about how taste is aspirational — that people are drawn to music that makes them feel more sophisticated, popular, worldly, etc. But taste also can be defensive: We often reject not only music that reminds us of classes of people we look down on, but music that evokes attributes we dislike in ourselves. ”


That last one.

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“ Do it or don’t. It’s amazing how many things in life are that easy. ”

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It was one of those days. Radiohead - Lucky

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