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“ In our judgment, we have reached a tipping point at which we can most efficiently and effectively reach our readers in all-digital format. This was not the case just two years ago. It will increasingly be the case in the years ahead. ”

“ There exists a pressing public need for more free Web tools for local civic engagement. City government is an area where informed individuals and community groups can exert effective leverage; it’s also an under-understood political arena in need of greater transparency. How many registered voters in next month’s Presidential election can name their city council members without hesitation? How about their legislative priorities, or the local issues about which their neighbors are writing the council? ”

“ Once you have “enough” computing power, for whatever value of “enough” we can agree to disagree on, the future of computing is, and always has been, to make the computers smaller and cheaper. ”

“ Apple is undoubtedly a different company under Cook. It misses Jobs’s conspicuous creativity and entrepreneurial fervor, but it’s gaining in maturity, rationality, and, yes, value. ”

Apple begins iPad mini production, claims Wall Street Journal | The Verge.

The Wall Street Journal is this morning citing sources from within Apple’s supply chain in asserting that the company has begun production of a new tablet device, which is smaller than its 9.7-inch iPad. Two of the informants claim the new device’s screen measures 7.85 inches diagonally — affirming what Bloomberg reported in August — with LG Display and AU Optronics having started manufacturing the LCD panels for it last month. The resolution on this purported new slate is said to be lower than on the latest iPad, but that’s to be expected given the 2048 x 1536 Retina resolution on the bigger tablet.

With a lower resolution and smaller physical size, the widespread expectation for any new iPad model is that it will fill out Apple’s range against the aggressively priced Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 slates from Amazon and Google. Of course, the rumored size here is marginally bigger than those 7-inch tablets, and Apple’s eventual price can also probably be expected to be at least a little bit higher.

Starbucks at the Country Club Plaza. Did a meeting here this morning with my social media pal John New. The place was packed, but we got a couch.

How To Use iOS 6 “Do Not Disturb” (how to) | GadgetReview.
  1. To turn on the Do Not Disturb function, simply enter the Settings menu and flip the Do Not Disturb switch
  2. Keep in mind that this will block all calls and text message.   You’ll still receive them, yet your phone will not emit a squeak or vibrate in your pocket
  3. However, if you happen to be expecting an important call or text message, there are a few options that will still ensure you get a restful night’s sleep
  4. First off, do not switch on the above button (that’s the default Do Not Disturb and applies at all hours)
  5. Below the Do Not Disturb menu is the Notification menu.  Tap that
  6. Tap Do Not Disturb again (this one is a menu, not a rocker switch)
  7. Once in the Do Not Disturb menu you can select the following options:
  • Schedule: this allows you to set a time between which you don’t want to receive alerts.  Unfortunately, you can’t select by day of the week, which is to say this will apply to Monday through Sunday if left turned on.  Just something to keep in mind.
  • Allow Calls From: this is an exception rule.  Once selected you can choose groups from your phone book that you are willing to accept calls from regardless if the Do Not Disturb function is enabled
  • Repeated Calls: turn this function ON and anyone that calls again within 3 minutes, and your iPhone will ring.

My Dad at the Kansas City Apple Store. We were getting the contacts on his feature phone moved over to his brand new iPhone 5.

“ Tomorrow musician will be premiering his latest song in a unique way — by broadcasting it from the surface of Mars through the Curiosity rover. The Black Eyed Peas frontman will be debuting the aptly titled “Reach for the Stars” during an educational NASA event in which the agency will be sharing some of the rover’s early findings with students. ”

HP, Dell: PC makers in desperate need of a reboot -

Like HP, Dell missed the trends that have turned selling PCs into one of technology’s least profitable and slowest growing niches. As a result, Dell’s market value has also plummeted by 60 percent, to about $20 billion, since the iPhone’s release.

That means the combined market value of HP and Dell - the two largest PC makers in the U.S. - is less than the $63 billion in revenue Apple got from iPhones and various accessories during just the past nine months.

The handheld, touch-based computing revolution unleashed by the iPhone and Apple’s 2010 introduction of the iPad isn’t the only challenge facing HP and Dell.