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Sitting at my computer in my new office at KCPT - Kansas City Public Television.

Public Debates Romney’s Attack on Big Bird – Kansas City FOX 4.

Some of those watching the debate didn’t like Romney’s attack on the yellow giant. In a statement, KCPT, Kansas City’s local public broadcasting station, called it disappointing that PBS became a political target.

“It’s amazing to me to think that we’re going to balance the budget when we’re one-ten thousandth of the federal budget,” said Kliff Kuehl, president and CEO of Kansas City Public Television.

Kuehl said for every dollar of federal funding that public television stations get, they raise an additional six. But he say make no mistake, without any federal funding, public television would suffer.

“You’re going to end up — in terms of public radio and public television — you could drive all the way across the state of Kansas and the state of Missouri and you might not have any public media except in the big cities, and I don’t think that’s their intention.”

Over the course of a year, an estimated 91 percent of U.S. households watch local programming, so it’s easy to see why there was a such a buzz. But why did Romney’s comment seem to overshadow some of the bigger issues from the debate? Democratic political analyst Phil Levota had a suggestion.

First day of work as VP of Digital Media for KCPT - Kansas City Public Television.

“ With public radio, we are looking at maybe consolidating some of the fundraising and underwriting, maybe even consolidating some news departments. And, of course, we are looking at new ways of distributing content, because ultimately we aren’t about television or radio, we are about distributing content. ”

Photo of my last day of work at KLRU-TV, Austin PBS. Everyone wore black in my honor - a touching gesture. It’s been the best seven years of my life, but it’s time for a new challenge. Can’t wait to tell everyone what I’ll be up to next, but that announcement will have to wait a few days.

Watched WWDC with Elmo today. He’s excited about the new Retina-Display MacBook Pro.

George Clooney hearts NPR.

PBS CEO Paula Kerger Speaks to TV critics in LA on January 4th (PBS PressRoom) photo by Rahoul Ghose/PBS.

“ The goal is to attract new viewers to PBS and make audiences think of public television more like the top-tier programming of HBO, Showtime and other channels they are willing to pay for. “Think of PBS and the local stations as premium television on the honors system,” said John Wilson, senior vice president and chief television programming executive at PBS. ”