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The genie and alien programs represent a growing wave of educational materials using the same technologies that students from kindergarten through graduate school associate with fun—there’s none of the usual boredom or competitive pressure that typically characterize kids’ relationship with required schooling.

Report: Tech blog AllThingsD may part ways with News Corp — paidContent →

According to Reuters, the contract between AllThingsD and News Corp is up at the end of the year and relations between the two entities are “amicable but stressed.”

A spokesperson for News Corp said by email on Friday afternoon the company declines comment.

The sale of AllThingsD would have implications not just for the media industry, where tech blogs are a popular property, but for the technology scene as a whole. Companies in the sector frequently drop important leaks to figures like Mossberg and Swisher whose pronouncements on companies like Yahoo and Apple ripple widely.

The price of Windows 8 is about to go up. Way up - Mashable →

Microsoft launched Windows 8 in the fall with attractive pricing — just $39.99 for Windows 7, Vista or XP users — but come February the price goes up. Way up.

After the promotional upgrade offer ends on Jan. 31, anyone running an older version of Windows will have to pay $119.99 for the privilege of running Windows 8, a Microsoft blog post reveals. And that’s just the basic edition; if you want Windows 8 Pro, it’ll cost you $199.99.

While it’s a steep increase, jacking the price up on Windows 8 upgrades makes some sense. Although Microsoft has provided few details about how many machines are actually now running Windows 8, reports suggest the platform isn’t performing as well as expected. By giving users a deadline, it encourages anyone on the fence to buy now, potentially giving adoption of the new OS a final big push.

The spenders of that $50 billion, Karp says, are awaiting digital advertising formats whose artistry and expression forge an emotional connection with consumers–the sort, romanticized in Mad Men and celebrated in Super Bowl commercials, that can make them laugh, cry or call their mothers.

The Norwegian Ministry of Finance may open source cash registers to prevent tax fraud - The Next Web →

The Norwegian Ministry of Finance wants all the cash registers in its country tossed, and replaced with new machines, this time with code that it can verify. Norway is not the largest of countries, but this move would result in the installation of as many 90,000 replacement registers.

The Ministry of Finance wishes to ensure that no fraud is occurring, and therefore that no tax revenues are going uncollected. It has posited a number of new rules that, if implemented would certainly cut down on any potential fraud, including required receipt printing, and the inability to retroactively change entries. One proposed new rule however has raised eyebrows: the code that the registers run on must be open source.

The tingling you feel is the parallel between this story and the system of closed-system voting machines used in the United States, if you were curious.

Steve Jobs vs. Sam Walton: The tale of the tape - Fortune Management →

Steve was focusing on an elite group of people who appreciated the art of his business talent. In so doing, he focused on the product, and he created a product that had margins that were as insanely great as the insanely great products. Sam was the exact opposite. He focused on being able to open a store in five days, and if the margins got above anything that was infinitesimal, he was angry. He was a businessman who had to keep margins down because he was all about volume. He wanted a clean store, but he wouldn’t spend a penny on design. For years they did their own ads with clip-art books. Steve would design a new font to have an ad.

6 Ways To Find and Share Content That Gets Clicks - Sprout Social →

Having an active social media presence is great, but if you’re sharing lackluster content, your followers will get bored quickly. Providing customers and potential customers with worthwhile information can boost your engagement level and help drive sales. However, finding quality content can be difficult with the amount of information we’re inundated with every day.

Here are six indispensable hacks that will save you time and frustration, and start you on your way to becoming the ultimate content curator. By utilizing these tactics in your content marketing strategy, you’ll help ensure that your best content gets clicked, read, and shared.

Email from →

Dear Customer,

I have some unfortunate news to share. Our primary data center, Peer1, in Lower Manhattan lost power yesterday at about 4:30PM local time. At that time, we smoothly made the transition to generator power and took comfort over the fact that we had enough fuel to last three to four days. (Peer1 stayed online during the last 3 major natural disasters in the area, including a blackout that lasted for days.)

At 8:30PM yesterday, we received reports that the lobby in the data center’s building was beginning to take on water. By 10:30PM, as is sadly the case in most of Lower Manhattan, Peer1’s basement had experienced serious flooding. At 5AM, we learned our data center’s fuel pumps and fuel tanks were completely flooded and unable to deliver any more fuel. At 8AM, they reported that the generators would be able to run for a maximum of four more hours.

Unfortunately, this means that Squarespace will be offline soon (our estimate being at 10:45 AM today). Be assured that while this will impact our availability, there is no chance of data loss or any other permanent effects. We have simply run out of power, backup power, and cannot access our fuel in a flooded basement.

Our teams have been working tirelessly on contingency plans. We are working to bring the Squarespace systems back online as soon as possible. As you have probably read, all bridges and tunnels into and out of Manhattan are closed and large portions of the city remain without power. We will do everything in our power to get Squarespace running as soon as possible, and we will remain online for as long as it is safe.

Squarespace support will remain available 24/7 during this downtime. We will post updates to Twitter via @squarespacehelp and urge you to follow us there. Updates will also be posted to

Our hearts go out to the many people who have lost their lives in this terrible tragedy and also to those who continue to suffer through the consequences of this historic storm.

Thank you for your understanding,

Anthony Casalena 
Founder & CEO

One more thing: Steve Jobs’ new yacht - named ‘Venus’ makes its first appearance (by pimvanderzwet)

Looking forward to attending Startup Weekend KC in a few weeks. (by marcnager)